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Stenciling in Parkland, FL

Stenciling is back!  Artistic Finishes recently had the opportunity to design and finish a bedroom ceiling in Parkland. We started with a stencil design the client really liked and calculated the size of the borders and pin striping to fit to scale on the ceiling.

Then a base coat was applied to the ceiling followed by color-washing over that to give it a warm subtle backdrop. We then painted the black border followed by the soft gold pin stripes. After that we painted in the scroll stencil design inside the black border. The large stencil design was added in the corners with some custom hand painting and shading to fit the space perfectly. We also painted the vents and LED lighting in a faux finish to blend in… Beautiful job Ivan.

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Calvary Chapel Miami Beach

Artistic Finishes, Inc. had the pleasure to be part of the renovation of an historical church in Miami during the last few months.  Calvary Chapel Miami Beach was set to undergo a makeover to enlarge the sanctuary making more room for guests.  Borrergard Construction, Inc. was the contractor who took on the project and did an amazing job from start to finish – joining and blending the new construction with the existing historical structure.  They made sure to keep the authenticity of the original historical features.  We worked with the church to create the perfect color choices.  Sherwin Williams products were used which was nice as there was a local store less than a mile away.  As a Christian company it’s always a blessing to be involved in the painting of a church building while at the same time building relationships with other churches.

Artistic Finishes, Inc. also painted the exterior shortly after the interior was completed and will hope to have pictures up in the near future.

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Custom Home in Parkland

Artistic Finishes just finished our largest, longest job to-date.  We began painting the new construction home in March with priming and painting the new stucco and then hand painted over 300 decorative corbels along the soffit.

Following the completion of exterior work we moved inside where we began by priming all new walls and ceilings—a massive 13,000 sq ft.   After applying many samples, the paint colors were chosen and we started painting the ceilings and then onto the doors and trim work.

After prepping and finishing hundreds of linear feet in crown molding and window casing we moved on to the walls.  First, we started on the upstairs and then made our way downstairs ending in the six-car garage where we painted a stripe pattern to compliment the floor and vehicles.

The interior doorframes and window frames were also taped, prepped and painted from bronze to white, to match the trim, using a Titan HVLP sprayer to keep the fine finish.  And wow, what a job it did.   After five months we are finishing the touch-ups this week and looking forward to working with the builder again.

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Garage Floor Epoxy in Fort Lauderdale

Artistic Finishes, Inc. had the opportunity this month to create a garage floor finish to compliment the client’s beautiful home interior. We began first prepping the bare concrete by etching the surface with a floor polishing machine that had a special etching attachment. After the floor was properly etched, we acid washed the floor and rinsed it clean several times. Then we caulked the perimeter walls (which would later be painted) and patched a few cracks and holes in the floor with a crack filler.

We then began the process of applying the two part black epoxy from UCoat It Floor Coatings, followed by a second coat the following day with colored flakes added to finish. The next day we returned to finish off the floor with a high gloss protective clear polyurethane. The result – Beautiful!

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Tony’s Garage – Parkland, FL

This month Artistic Finishes, Inc. had the pleasure of doing a little garage work.  But this wasn’t your ordinary garage…

We started by skim coating the stucco walls with 2 coats of drywall compound.  Then we primed the walls and ceilings, and prepared them for… Venetian plaster.  Yes, Venetian plaster in the garage.  We applied 3 coats of a charcoal gray to the ceiling and then added a little silver in with the wax on the final coat.

On the walls we did 3 coats of a leather color to match the interior of one of the clients cars, followed by 3 coats of wax to achieve the high polish he desired.  The outcome – Stunning!

We also wood grained the exit door and are wood graining the garage doors next week.   A garage fit for a king, the ultimate man cave!

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Stripes for Mrs. Barnes

Artistic Finishes, Inc. was recently called to take a look at a living room in Boynton Beach that needed a little TLC. The home had just been painted by another contractor but the owners were not completely satisfied with the living room. The walls received a stripe technique but the colors were a bit off and the stripes were hardly noticed.

Ryan visited Mrs. Barnes and applied a few samples of stripes for her to view over the weekend before she made a decision. The next week Ryan and his team returned with the approved color shade, taped up the walls and painted the stripes all in one day! Ryan returned another day to faux finish a closet door to blend in with the walnut colored kitchen cabinets.

Mr. and Mrs. Barnes were some of the most encouraging and inviting clients we have had the pleasure of serving, and look forward to working with them again soon.

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Patience is a Virtue

Artistic Finishes just finished up a project in Palm Aire, Fort Lauderdale which required extra patience and a steady hand.

We began by removing the popcorn from the ceiling and mirrors from the guest room walls. Then we finished the ceilings to a smooth finish and prepared the walls for a paint finish. After that we took a few weeks off to allow the carpenter to install the crown moldings and resin molded trim pieces.

After the carpenter was finished, we began by painting the ceiling and base coating the walls. After samples were approved for the walls, Ryan began the tedious job of hand painting the flowers and details of the molding. He matched some pink tones to fabrics in the room and highlights of gold to bring out the petals. Green tones were added for the leaves matching linens of the daybed.

After the desired result was reached with the tones and details of the flowers and leaves, Ryan color washed the walls with a pearl metallic and then glazed the walls to produce a classy subtle backdrop to the beautiful moldings! The finished room is beautiful and the client is thrilled with the results of the transformation.

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Venetian Plaster in Boynton Beach Salon

This last month Artistic Finishes had the pleasure of completing a salon remodel project.  After the extensive remodel and construction was done we began the process of finishing the walls.

The walls were prepped and painted a neutral color and accented with beautiful arches and soffits finished in 3 coats of Venetian plaster in a dark Mocha color. In the massage room, we finished an accent wall in a tranquil orange Venetian plaster and polished to a rich luster….

Ryan and his team met the tight time schedule and finished before deadlines for the grand opening soon to come!

 So if you’re in the hunt for a makeover in Boynton Beach, come visit this Salon and enjoy!

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Venetian Plaster in Parkland

Artistic Finishes just had the pleasure of finishing one of our longest projects.  We prepared and applied Venetian plaster to walls and ceilings onto approximately 3,000 Sq. ft. in the Parkland home.  The newly built addition including a gym and gym bath received fine Marmarino on all the ceilings. 

We then accented the bedroom tray ceiling and bathroom niches with a rich copper color.  Daniel, one of our master plaster technicians added gold in the wax for a beautiful finish. The bedroom walls received a textured plaster called Tedorico from Firenze Enterprises and carried the same finish into the master bathroom walls. The gym walls received a color called Khalua and Cream from Benjamin Moore.

Some challenges we had to overcome were making a few extra trips to Miami to get the color for the ceiling just right.  We were also working around and over the massive gym equipment which arrived earlier than expected.  But Daniel rose above as usual and completed the job in just about 5 weeks!

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Cheetah Wall, Pembroke Pines FL

Artistic Finishes, Inc. most recent challenge came with a growl! Ok, a purrr…

We were asked to mimic a cheetah print from a TV series …

     The first challenge was that the walls were heavily textured with knockdown. We began by skim coating all the walls to a slick smooth finish. Then we primed and base coated the walls to match the desired background. We then sketched out some sample cheetah print spots and created a finished sample of what the accent wall would look like. After approval we transferred the design into larger scale on the wall and painted in the colored spots. To add a finishing touch Artistic Finishes painted the baseboard and trim black and the doors the background color… A puuurfect room to begin the school year!

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