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Look up! What do you see - outdated popcorn ceiling?  Why not let Artistic Finishes replace it with the latest style ceiling?  By removing the old popcorn you can actually improve the breathing environment in your home for you and your family. Although it is on the ceiling, popcorn can collect dust which in turn will create the continued cycle of falling dust, especially when the air conditioner blows or ceiling fan is generated. A finished ceiling will help your home look more modern and give you the benefit of having cleaner air. Simple, eliminate the dust collector and eliminate the dust from circulating. Statistics show that a large percentage of homes, especially in South Florida are filled with dust and other harming microorganisms, even though the homes are cleaned on a regular basis.

Did you see a color or style on TV or in a magazine that you'd like to duplicate in your home but don't have the time or energy to do it? Call Ryan at Artistic Finishes and he'll match the colors and show you how your home could look like it came out of a magazine! He can even match textures and colors that you already have in your home.

Are you selling your home? The first impression of your buyer is what counts the most. A fresh renewal of paint on the interior of your home will be just what the buyer is looking for.

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