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Pavers are porous, absorbing the elements they are exposed to and over time, unprotected pavers will become sun-bleached, tend to crack easily, and house insects, debris, and mold.

PAVER SEALING & SANDING  Not only does sealing your pavers protect them from oil, grease, and various elements it also enriches the beauty of the natural stone and brings out the various tones and colors.  Sanding your pavers regularly will also keep your pavers tight together and prevent them from shifting.  This is a process of spreading sand over the pavers and into the cracks to stabilize your surfaces which also prevents weeds from growing in between stones.

To keep your paver patio, driveway, walkway, pool deck, or yard decoration from the harmful elements (i.e. sun damage, rain, dirt, etc…) and keep it looking new and clean, paver sealing is essential. Sealing helps preserve the pavers' color beauty and texture. Weeds find it hard to come through when paver sealing is applied. Given all the rain we receive in South Florida, unsealed pavers pay the price. This is why Artistic Finishes offers paver sealing to put the finishing touches on the look of your exterior area.


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