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South Florida Pressure Cleaning

Although you don't look at it every day, your roof needs protection as well. Artistic Finishes will help you protect your roof by pressure cleaning and sealing it.

PRESSURE CLEANING  Like most Florida homes, water stains (such as from sprinklers) discolor exterior surfaces. Pressure cleaning is not just for sidewalks and driveways, but other exterior home surfaces including patio pavers and roofs. Homes are subject to the elements of dust and dirt carried in the air, sprinkler water damage, vine and tree sap damage, and anything else thrown at it. Over time, these outside elements can leave your home looking old and unkept. Call Ryan today for your free estimate to pressure clean your home, driveway, sidewalk, pavers and roof.

Any time a hard surface, such as asphalt, concrete or metal, needs to have a coating applied, the surface must first be prepared. Pressure cleaning has been used to prepare various surfaces for the purpose of repair and reapplication of such coatings or just if your home association requires you to keep your driveway and sidewalk pressure cleaned. High pressure water can be used to clean these materials off when new ones are desired.

Pressure Cleaning involves the use of water propelled at high speeds to clean surfaces and materials of all types. Artistic Finishes can use a pressure cleaner to remove:

  • Paint from walls & metal
  • Sealants and membranes from concrete
  • Gum from side walks

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