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Garage Floor Epoxy in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Epoxy Garage Floor After

Artistic Finishes, Inc. had the opportunity this month to create a garage floor finish to compliment the client’s beautiful home interior. We began first prepping the bare concrete by etching the surface with a floor polishing machine that had a special etching attachment. After the floor was properly etched, we acid washed the floor and rinsed it clean several times. Then we caulked the perimeter walls (which would later be painted) and patched a few cracks and holes in the floor with a crack filler.

We then began the process of applying the two part black epoxy from UCoat It Floor Coatings, followed by a second coat the following day with colored flakes added to finish. The next day we returned to finish off the floor with a high gloss protective clear polyurethane. The result - Beautiful!