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Custom Home in Parkland

Finished Parkland Exterior

Artistic Finishes just finished our largest, longest job to-date.  We began painting the new construction home in March with priming and painting the new stucco and then hand painted over 300 decorative corbels along the soffit.

Following the completion of exterior work we moved inside where we began by priming all new walls and ceilings—a massive 13,000 sq ft.   After applying many samples, the paint colors were chosen and we started painting the ceilings and then onto the doors and trim work.

After prepping and finishing hundreds of linear feet in crown molding and window casing we moved on to the walls.  First, we started on the upstairs and then made our way downstairs ending in the six-car garage where we painted a stripe pattern to compliment the floor and vehicles.

The interior doorframes and window frames were also taped, prepped and painted from bronze to white, to match the trim, using a Titan HVLP sprayer to keep the fine finish.  And wow, what a job it did.   After five months we are finishing the touch-ups this week and looking forward to working with the builder again.