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Patience is a Virtue

Fort Lauderdale Palm Aire Bathroom Molding

Artistic Finishes just finished up a project in Palm Aire, Fort Lauderdale which required extra patience and a steady hand.

We began by removing the popcorn from the ceiling and mirrors from the guest room walls. Then we finished the ceilings to a smooth finish and prepared the walls for a paint finish. After that we took a few weeks off to allow the carpenter to install the crown moldings and resin molded trim pieces.

After the carpenter was finished, we began by painting the ceiling and base coating the walls. After samples were approved for the walls, Ryan began the tedious job of hand painting the flowers and details of the molding. He matched some pink tones to fabrics in the room and highlights of gold to bring out the petals. Green tones were added for the leaves matching linens of the daybed.

After the desired result was reached with the tones and details of the flowers and leaves, Ryan color washed the walls with a pearl metallic and then glazed the walls to produce a classy subtle backdrop to the beautiful moldings! The finished room is beautiful and the client is thrilled with the results of the transformation.