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Waiting Room Transformation in Coral Springs, FL

Interior Painting Doctor's Office

This Coral Springs medical doctor’s waiting room did not always look this nice…  Because there is no before picture, I will describe what it looked like before Artistic Finishes came in and transformed this space.

On a Wednesday night after the doctor’s office had closed, Ryan and his team got to work!  They stripped the outdated wallpaper and glue off the walls and prepared them for the next step.  Then they applied the knockdown texture to the walls and left for the night, at approximately 1:00 am.

Then the following night the team returned after hours again to install the chair rail, prime and paint the two-tone walls and put the room back together.  This picture was taken at 12:06 am!   Nothing like working both day and night shifts.  In more ways than one, this job was a great challenge but Artistic Finishes rose to the occasion once again!!