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Two-Part Epoxy Floors in Nassau, Bahamas

Ryan & Tom

Two weeks ago Ryan went to Nassau, Bahamas to finish the bath house that he and a group of guys from Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale had painted this past June. What Ryan didn’t know at the time of departure was that he was going to finish the bath house just in time for a team of missionaries to use it!

Ryan landed in the Bahamas and wasted no time but started working right away.  The Epoxy had previously been ordered from the states and sent over to the Bahamas so it was waiting for him when he got there.  Also, even before Ryan arrived, full-time missionary and friend Tom Schafer had the floor pressure washed and acid etched.  What a blessing!  They began by mixing the two-part black epoxy, then applied the bond priming coat and let it dry overnight.  The next day they applied the two-part top coat, also black and applied the decorative flakes while still wet.  Later that afternoon Ryan and Tom returned to apply the two-part clear epoxy for the finishing touches.

In between coats Ryan and Tom had a chance to see some sights, spend some time at the beach and even catch a movie.  Sometimes being a traveling paint missionary has its perks!  Oh, and some of those perks included feeding the goats, pigs and chickens.  But since Ryan’s a rookie farmer, some of the chickens got loose.  (Better stick to his regular day job.)  Also, he felt the rustic life while taking showers outside.

Mark Wallace, director of the Adventure Learning Center drove Ryan to the airport on Sunday and drove back with the missionaries that would need the bath house that day.  God has perfect timing!

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