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Go Vote

Go Vote

Our personal and public freedom and right in this country is to be able to vote.  Have you taken the time to vote today (or before today)?

Standing in line to vote today with our 1-year-old I had this strong sense that this was more than standing in a boring line to vote in the next president of the United States.  It was more of a community event and an exciting opportunity.  We saw familiar faces and met new neighbors.   Ryan took time out from his busy day to vote.  He actually went during a time when there was no one else there so he didn’t have to stand in any lines!

As with anything, being prepared is important.  I’m glad Ryan and I prepared ourselves before going to vote today.  The wording in those Amendments can be tricky sometimes and for a slower reader such as myself, the 650 word one would have left me there for hours.  Gladly, we were out and got a sticker each.  “My vote counted” is what it says.  Yes it does.  And so does your vote.

Have a great time and GO VOTE!

(I realize this blog post doesn’t have anything to do with Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Faux Finish, Commercial Painting, Residential Painting or even Wood Graining or Venetian Plaster for that matter, but since this is a free country, we are allowed to post “Go Vote” messages on this Artistic Finishes, Inc. page.  Enjoying the freedoms and rights in our amazing country.)