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Painting the Faith Farm in Ft. Lauderdale

Faith Farm New Furniture Plaza

During the rainy month of September Artistic Finishes, Inc. was asked to paint the exterior of two buildings at the Faith Farm in Fort Lauderdale.  This opportunity proved to be a bit of a challenge but a blessing indeed as Faith Farm Ministries of Fort Lauderdale was preparing for their grand re-opening of the New Furniture Plaza.

The phrase “be flexible” took on a whole new meaning as we had to work around the rain and adjust schedules to make it all happen.  And when it wasn’t raining the temperatures in sunny South Florida got into the high 90s which also made it difficult to work through.

Another challenge was operating the 60 ft. Sunbelt boom truck.  Safety is first and foremost when working with such a large piece of equipment.  We had to exercise patience and flexibility while cars were entering and exiting the grounds as well as customers visiting the stores.  At sometimes it seemed to be a slow process but it was a pleasure and honor to work for the organization.

Artistic Finishes, Inc. painted the Student Dorm building and the New Furniture Plaza at the Faith Farm in Fort Lauderdale.  We have since have built lasting relationships with members of the organization.

Faith Farm Ministries is a Christian based discipleship program for men with struggles in addiction.