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Vertical Stripes in Delray Beach

Artistic Finishes Vertical Stripes

Wow!  Aren't these walls gorgeous!  If you hadn’t read the title of this blog you might have thought this picture was of wallpaper.  The Delray Beach homeowner wanted the look of wall coverings for her 25 ft walls but was challenged because her walls have rounded corners and archways.  Ryan and the guys were up for the challenge!  First Ryan made a detailed plan and template on gridded paper.  Then blue tape was applied to mark the thicker vertical stripes.  Next, when that paint dried completely they went back and took that tape off to apply more tape for thinner vertical stripes.  After approximately $200 worth of blue tape and two challenging, yet enjoyable weeks of taping and painting vertical lines, the job was complete.  The homeowner was very happy with the outcome.